5 ways to prevent your new brick and mortar business from failing.

Starting a business is a scary thing and can be heart breaking when you don't have any customers walking through the door. Luckily if you go into it with a cohesive plan you can minimize the chance of having a flop of a business. 

New business

1. You have heard it a million times but the most important thing you need to focus on before anything else is location, location, location. You might have a brilliant idea but if there isn't traffic or an audience for your offering than your business will fail faster than it started. We understand you feel good about your business but will other people? Do your research and make sure there is actually a market for your offering and don't go by the classic "I feel like". You need facts, make sure you really do a full assessment on your future business location. 

2. Network - I personally had this problem when trying to start an art space in my town. The location was good, what we offered was great but we were new to the area and didn't have any support from our community. Therefore when we opened it was a flop but I learned a lesson I will never forget. We quickly realized we should have gotten involved with similar institutions to help get a community base of support before we started. 

3. Community - this could go hand in hand with the network but we can't stress it enough. You have to let everyone know who you are and what you are about. Introduce yourself to every business and person you see in the neighborhood, get involved in activities, your local government, and get out to local restaurants and bars. Always have your game face on and before you sell your business you have to sell yourself. 

4. Events - Again! Networking is key. Participate in as many events as you can to get exposure. Craft fairs, food tastings, etc. Marketing these days is all about personal relationships to a brand and what better way than to get out and be amongst the people you are trying to bring into your location.

5. Take full advantage of the space you have and make your brand stand out. Don't get trapped inside your store, be loud! Make sure your presentation outside is just as appealing as what is on the inside. Utilizing the outside of your location is a direct to consumer marketing tool that can be used to communicate anything you wish. Write on the side walks, get a branded chalkboard, use special lighting and decorations. Let your imagination go wild and use the opportunity to brand the hell out of yourself.